Non Conventional Energy and Water TReatment.


20th Call for FUI project

Start of the project: November 2015

End of project : 2020

Objective : Valorisation of organic waste of animal origin in the treatment of industrial waters.

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The objective of the ENCETRE project is to exploit the organic waste of animal origin in the treatment of industrial water polluted mainly by eavy metals. This valuation is based on the principles of circular economy and industrial ecology.
It passes through a first step, which is the use as non-conventional fuel by the ciment industry ans then by a second step of transformation into a rageant for the depollution of effluents containing heavy metals. Finally, a third step of extraction of the effluents and a revaluation of the reagent charged with pollution. 




The technological advances envisaged by this project are very important societal and economic environmental issues:

  • Recovery of waste of animal origin otherwise destined for destruction or burial
  • Reduced fossil fuel consumption by cement manufacturers through the use of solid recovery fuels and revaluation of fatal thermal energies.
  • Long-term improvement of the natural environment quality through the development of a new process for the economical treatment of heavy metals contained in water.
  • Development of a logistics network management tool between the various partners.