Feasibility Study of Treatment and Recovery of Polluted Sediments

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Objective : Study the feasability of a regional sector of treatment and valuation of contaminated river sediments, and to define the legal regime.


Partners :

Ixsane Voies Navigables de France Communauté d'Agglomération du Douaisis

Douaisis Technopole Environnement



Financing :

Ixsane Agence de l'eau Artois Picardie  L'Europe s'engage   Union Européenne


Région Nord-Pas-de-Calais

Lille Métropole


Scientific Committee :


Ixsane introduced and coordinates a project of Research & Develoment concerning the feasibility study of treatment and valuation of contaminated river sediments. The project is based on two complementary processes : at first the wash and the recovery of the most unrefined part of sediments for a direct re-use in public works and secondly the inerting and the valuation of the finest and most polluted part.

The experiment plan has 6 steps :

  • Sampling of sediments stocked on a deposit field and also of some underwater sediments for treatment, chemical and grading analysis trials
  • Trials of sediments cleaning
  • Trials of remnants treatment
  • Reusing channels research
  • Legal Study concerning the treatment of polluted sediments reusing
  • Socio-economic study for the creation of an industrial channel